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We are a client focused personal tax and accountancy/corporation tax services provider. Everyone's tax affairs are unique and with this in mind, initial discussions are without charge. Alternatively, if you would prefer, send us an email. 

From straight forward personal Tax Returns, through more involved returns and tax issues, to full sets of Statutory Company Accounts, we have a level of service and competitive fees that meets your needs. 
Why The Tax Team? 
• Personal, Individual Approach 
• Fixed Fee Services , with no hidden charges 
• Professional Approach by Friendly Qualified Staff 
• UK Taxation for a Worldwide Client Base 


A: It’s a personal choice. There are many reasons for appointing someone to look after your tax affairs. Tax and Accountancy can be complicated and/or time consuming. Keeping up to date with changes in legislation, what can and cannot be claimed, changing tax rates/allowances and laws that may or may not apply are all reasons people appoint an agent. People who have busy lives and/or a business to run might decide that appointing an agent is the best way to ensure that tax breaks are taken advantage of, that compliance issues are dealt with and that deadlines are met. Those not in business may want the “hassle” of dealing with tax taken away and the reassurance that employing an independent firm brings, that is, knowing everything is being dealt with on time and correctly. 
Often an Accountant is a Tax Adviser and a Tax Adviser is an Accountant. Within The Tax Team we offer the services you would expect covering Accounts and Accountancy, Personal and Corporate Tax Compliance and Advice. 
A: The taxpayer’s…yours. The fact that HMRC have not issued a return or have told you that you do not need to do one previously means little, especially if HMRC is basing this on old information. It is the taxpayer's responsibility to check their position each year and advise HMRC if a return is needed and/or if their tax is wrong, even if it is HMRC’s error. If in doubt it may be best to submit a form.  
A: Yes, provided you already have a 10 digit UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference). This can be the best way to ensure that there is no reason in the future for HMRC to question events in previous years. However, it must be stressed you are under no obligation to do a return unless HMRC ask for one and/or you meet the criteria to submit one i.e. need to do so to declare a liability/information to HMRC. 
A: Only HMRC can issue UTR’s. You need to contact HMRC and explain why you wish/need to submit a return. They will then issue a UTR. Alternatively, if appointing an agent this is something that can be done for you. Once issued, a UTR is valid for ALL future years. 
A: If you are baffled by HMRC guides and calculations (or decide you don’t want to do it) then you have a few options. You can call HMRC and see if they can help. If not, submitting the information to HMRC before certain dates means they will calculate the tax situation for you (see Calendar for dates). Finally, employing an agent to look after your tax affairs will mean that the agent will calculate the position, agree the position with HMRC and advise you of the date(s) when tax becomes payable. 
A: Yes. We can deal with several years at once or “out of date” years where for whatever reason matters are not up to date. Though we will not deal with anything that is illegal or fraudulent, we will make sure that matters are dealt with correctly in bringing you tax position up to date which may be by correspondence, submitting previous years' returns or via HMRC disclosure services routes. 
A: Yes, we deal with any situation where you need to submit information to HMRC, not just returns. Simple claims, are however, best dealt with direct with HMRC to avoid unnecessary costs. 
A: Yes. We can advise on how to trade efficiently or where you wish to trade as a Limited Company to protect personal liability. This includes Statutory Accounts, Corporation Tax returns and associated work. 
A: Yes. We can advise on VAT compliance issues. 
A: Yes. We will happily answer questions over the phone, via email or if you would prefer and are near one of our offices you can make an initial appointment without further obligation. 
A: Yes, provided we can prove your identity with a valid correspondence address and you can provide a photo card copy of your driving licence/passport and further documentation as appropriate (including our verification of your NI number and details with HMRC). After checks in establishing you as a client we can deal with all matters on an on-going basis via phone and email. Not being near to one of our offices is not an issue, however, taking someone on as a client is a two way process, if we don't feel we are a good fit we will advise of this. 
A: Yes. We deal with the tax affairs of individuals living in the UK or abroad. We can deal with correspondence and provide documents via mail (where reliable) or via email in secure PDF format where preferred. 
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